In the words of Nana Akua ‘’every building is a brick and mortar, but the one which has been carefully composed as a work of art, a harmonious melody, will always stand like a piece of sculpture in the landscape, engaging with people on a level that leaves an incredible mark on their memory’’ She has this inherent insatiable need to be different, to think outside the box, to stand out from the crowd. This was all an inspiration from her creative mother, tolerant Dada, motivating husband and supportive family, colleagues and friends. As a young entrepreneur who finds herself in an overwhelming male dominated field, taking ownership and making things happen has always been her life’s philosophy and this has soared her high.

Nana Akua Birmeh was born and raised in Ghana and alumni of Morning Star School, Holy Child School where she studied Visual Arts and Graphic Communications. She later enrolled in Kwame Nkrumah University of science and Technology where she pursued Architecture. She wears many hats today. She is a wife, a mother, artist, architect, entrepreneur and CEO of ARCHXENUS Company who has mastered in Architecture and many glorious pursuits of diverse ingenuity.

As the founder of this first female dominated Architectural firm in Ghana, what distinguishes her from others in her field is that she treats Architecture as a form of Art and Science from which everyday life is presented, actively shaping minds and mentalities. No challenge was too great for Nana Akua to take on, in her 9 years’ experience in the Architecture field where her prior years was with Furler, she served as an Associate for a year and 3years of freelancing with which she designed Imperial Court, Imperial lodge and several alluring unique buildings to which ARCHXENUS was born. Her firm’s mission is to become a leading Architectural firm to present our country and to some extent our continent to the world in a positive and formidable light.

On the road to achieving this, she has built a reputation for developing young Architects and incubating new architecture urban designs. Her work experiments with new spatial concepts intensifying existing urban landscapes and encompassing all fields of design, from the urban scale to interiors and furniture are all inspiration from her role model Zaha Hadid. Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation and growth, Nana Akua ranks among the top female Architect CEO’s with award winning projects, from residence to hospitality.