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  MY DREAM HOUSE By: Loredana Giaccaglia Wouldn’t we all love to live in our dream house someday? I believe we have all imagined, even built it in our minds. That house with the 25-metre pool, that backyard cinema… Some may even have gone further and thought of glass floor stairs, or maybe a chandelier that turns a room into a forest. I mean, the list goes on… Take a tour with me into mine. My dream house is a cute cottage-like house surrounded by acres of lush landscaping located on the outskirts of town where it’s calm and quiet, accessed via a long processional driveway, open to the natural environment and maybe even with great views of the sea on a hilltop and a large pool with a Mediterranean scene. I can visualise simple geometry: a minimal colour palette comprising wood and white and polished concrete, but still producing a dynamic piece of architecture with a high level of detail going into the creation of this simple yet sophisticated house. Even now I can imagine a blend of the rustic and the modern adding some zing to a monochromatic scheme with colourful furnishings here and there. I also picture a carefully-planned interior with large floor-to-ceiling windows with my lovefor Japanese architecture inspiring the use of shoji screen doors. I dream of landscapes linking different parts of a fragmented house and articulating its form by blurring the boundary between the interior and the exterior and allowing visual interaction with its natural surroundings. Last but not least, I consider an outdoor shower to be a must, making an everyday routine extra special with the feel of a little adventure, providing me with a resort-like experience at home, complete with an oversize rain showerhead. But you know what? In the end, what each of us, human beings, really needs is a place we can call home and in which we can feel safe.

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